The Pitch Wars Showcase and 2019

2/6/19-2/11/19 is the Agent Showcase for Pitch Wars. If you’re reading the timestamp on this post, then you may notice I’m posting this a little bit late. I’ve not been keeping up with this site as well as I would like.

Anyway, Pitch Wars was a fantastic experience in many ways, and I’m excited to carry forward what I learned into my future projects. I want to thank Paris Wynters, my wonderful mentor, for all her hard work and time. If you haven’t found her on the internet already, here’s where you can follow her on Twitter: @ParisWynters 

Regardless of the outcome of the showcase, I’m excited to get back to querying. I think I’ve got a strong manuscript, a likable cast, and a gripping plot. Now all I need is a way to share it with everyone else.

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